Overview in English

I was born in Helsinki in 1984. I have a Master of Science degree. Before my current career in software development I used to be a police officer. I have a wife and two children. In my spare time I am making a career as a writer.

Official portrait for the 2021 municipal election

I was a candidate in the municipal election of 2021 in Helsinki

I got 58 votes. A big thanks to all those who voted for me. You made the right decision.

My political agenda still stands, even though I didn’t make the cut. I leave my agenda here:

  • I believe that all school children should have the opportunity to live their school-lives in peace. Those students that repeatedly disturb others should be moved to a separate school.
    • Other political parties seem to wish to keep these troubleome students in normal schools. Their reason is that by inclusion these trouble-makers eventually adapt to school rules better than in a separate school.
    • I agree that inclusion is in the best interest of the trouble-makers, but I dare say it is not in the best interest of everyone else. I believe that we should prioritize the well-being of those students who behave well. We should protect their right to a safe school environment.
  • The CO2 emission goals of Helsinki are unrealistic. Even though clean energy is a good thing, it is impossible to utilize it to cover all of Helsinki’s energy needs in a matter of few decades. Therefore, for the time being, we must continue to burn something in the power plants. And since we are burning ”something” anyway, that ”something” should be Finnish.
    • The use of foreign coal and wood must stop immediately.
    • Burning wood results in same emissions as burning peat (turve). However, due to a political agreement, the CO2 emissions of burning wood ”do not count”. We have plenty of both wood and peat here in Finland. We should use them both in a sustainable manner until we find a way to get enough clean energy.

Why am I in the Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset)?

The Finns Party is the only party that… You can continue that sentence in multiple ways. There are numerous important topics where the people of Finland are divided somewhat equally, but where The Finns party is alone against all other parties – such as views on asylum policy and European Union’s integration. I stand with the Finns party.